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Holding a Pool Cue Basics by Kenny Ash

PROPER.jpg (18717 bytes)
Use Back Middle 2 Fingers
(Pointing fingers exaggerated)

There are many variances of techniques people use when holding a pool cue. I believe there is no "absolute" right way to hold a cue but some methods work better than others, especially for beginners.  As always, there will be the exception of someone who can perform well, despite there unorthodox styles.  For the majority, however, good mechanics are important in execution of any good pool shot.  The holding technique or "grip" can vary the shot dramatically.   The longer you play with an improper grip, the harder it will be adjust to a cleaner stroke.    Here is how I hold my cue... I support the cue primarily with my two back fingers (excluding pinky). The other finger may gently rest on the cue but more my focused balance point is my two fingers. I use these two fingers somewhat loosely (ie letting the cue do the work) when I tighten to much (nerves) I notice that my grip tightens and my shots are not quite on point.
wpe5.jpg (3913 bytes) After varying through different "grips", I came to the conclusion that this particular grip gives me the best stroking capabilities.  The difference I noticed in using this "grip" was my ability to perform extreme shots more consistently.   In my picture example to the left, I am exaggerating my fingers to show the importance of cue weight focus laying predominantly on the back two middle fingers.  In most real shooting situations other  fingers may actually be on the cue itself, but ever so lightly. The reasoning I leave my index (pointing finger) off the cue is that under and extreme shots,  I've found this finger often interferes with my ability to execute a perfectly straight stroke.. ..