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Basics Banking and Kicking using Mirror Image by Kenny Ash

Basic Banking & Kicking
utilizing the Mirror Image

    In This Diagram each cue ball is to be banked into the upper left corner pocket. 

By visualizing a second imaginary "Ghost" pool table (ie Grey Table - the mirror image) and aiming to shoot the cue ball with center english into the "Ghost" tables upper right corner pocket, the cue ball will bank directly into the upper left corner pocket. This well be based on equal measured distance on table, aiming and english on the cue ball, and general execution of the shot.

The amount of english applied to the cue ball will always make a large difference on the accuracy of the shot, in these examples we are always using center cue ball english. No matter where you are on the Actual Table you will always aim at the same "Ghost Table" opposite pocket when Banking.

Sometimes people will notice a object that hovers right around where the "Ghost Pocket" is - thus helping them feel comfortable about making a bank shot. (Sometimes called "Spot on the Wall")