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Cue Cleaning & Basic Tip Maitenance by Kenny Ash

  • Basic Tip Maitenance - Contour (shape) your pool cue tip and test play with it.
    As an example, take a nickle and hold it on the side of your cue tip (against the ferrule & tip) and try and
  • match the arc to the nickle as a base visual reference. 

    I will usually use a fine grade of sand paper to do this. it's a basic simple way of keeping your cue tip in shape. (This will vary in player preference, size of tip, type of tip as well)
  • Wash your hands before playing!
    This will keep additional hand oils from your pool shaft, wraps and pool table cloth.

  • Clean your pool shaft before playing.
     When cleaning your cue shaft I suggest using a piece of soft leather or cloth.  I tried to avoid anything abrasive in nature... Mostly because some cues today also have an acryllic coat which you absolutely would not want anything abrasive to be used on it during cleaning.

  • After finishing playing, Clean again.
    When your finished playing, clean your cue with a piece of leather or cloth and store properly!

  • When your done playing, wash your hands.
    Overall it's never a bad idea.  Especially considering others peoples bad habits. 

    Tournament Preparation before match play for additional considerations)

  • Brush your table before playing.
    Sometimes I'll even go ask for a brush for a table and am happy to do it myseslf. Remeber a lot of people have played previously on the equipment, which in turn means - a good chance that a lot of chalk & dirt, and human stuff has accumulated over time. Ultimately the little things can come into play when you least expect it, so why not give yourself the best chance and start with a clean slate? =)